The Project

Enhanced Registry is different

Enhanced Registry is designed with a focus on: 

  • Learning as a collaboration among patients, clinicians, and researchers
  • Advancing health-related data about individuals and populations
  • A governance model that promotes diverse leadership

It's designed to engineer a change in our system of care.  


The current state of the system.

A learning healthcare system comprises a community of front-line clinicians, patients, and scientists who view each clinical encounter as an opportunity to learn and to improve patient outcomes. In its most advanced state, it combines comparative effectiveness (CE) research with quality improvement (QI) science to ensure the delivery of new knowledge at the point of care. Electronic health records have the potential to become the tool for learning at the point-of-care, although most are single-patient focused, not population focused. Performing population-level queries is almost impossible.  Registries are designed to do this, but obtaining the data is difficult, and ways to explore the underlying data are limited.



Enhanced Registry makes it easy.

Enhanced Registry (ER) proposes to change this by building upon existing open-source software to create a modular, versatile, and scalable registry that can be populated by EHRs. 


The case study: ImproveCareNow

Pediatric gastroenterologists formed ImproveCareNow - - to improve the care of inflammatory bowel disease among youth. Despite the pressing need to scale, expansion is hindered by lack of an extensible information-technology infrastructure.

Data entry is laborious and redundant, and clinicians cannot access advantages that linkage of the disease-specific registry with electronic health records could provide.

Enhanced Registry will enable clinicians to easily review effects of QI efforts, study patients within the context of populations and learn from performance differences across ImproveCareNow centers -

The result: improved outcomes and healthier lives.

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